How to use hot cultural trends to reach more people.

1) use culture to reach people

The request came in for a Stranger Things sermon bumper promoting an upcoming series on The Life of Elisha. Our client church was looking to use what is happening in culture to grab interest and reach more people with the popular Netflix series.

We were excited at the prospect of recreating a custom Stranger Things sermon bumper.

Diving into the project, we realized that the animation was not easy and needed to be customized off of the original including the animation and the music. We did not want future issues with the copyright so all aspects were created from the ground up.

The key to borrowing from hot cultural trends is to keep a pulse on culture while not using the exact videos, music or graphics without the license. This is a mistake that can easily lead to copyright issues down the line. This is why we used music and a style that were similar but not an exact match. Make sure to create your graphics and videos with the cultural elements as inspiration but not duplication.

2) maximize the power of trending media

Interweaving trending topics into a digital outreach plan for your series and media is powerful, reason being it gets people talking about it in person and is shared on social media which branches out the churches reach.

Catching people’s attention is half the battle for the modern church. When the church uses what people are talking about, it will stop the scroll on social media. Normally a sermon series on Elisha may not even get a look by people online but with Stranger Things Season 3’s recent release, the moment was ripe for our client church to use the momentum of the show to capitalize on the gospel message. Maximize the power of relevant topics and trends in your church media.

3) do it right

We are a team of creatives who can design Hollywood type graphics and animations, such as Stranger Things 3, for our client churches but to keep absolute professionalism we sometimes will say no to a project. This is because we strive for professionalism and our do it right attitude will not allow us to create something that doesn’t meet our standard of excellence or isn’t included in our clients service plan.

WARNING: It is easy to grab something from culture but it can end up looking cheezy or unprofessional if not done right. It is better not to do it than to do it wrong.

As a creative team we are always looking to help our client churches reach more people with custom graphics and videos. We rejoice when churches grow and thrive as we partner together with professional media.

Using hot cultural trends is a great way to reach more people in your community but if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.

Below is an example of the custom sermon bumper created for our client church maximizing the Stranger Things 3 release the summer of 2019. Watch below:




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