Scope of Church Media Service


If you have a church media need, first ask yourself:

Can I reasonably explain or show what I want in an email?

If the answer is yes, great! If you feel like you need a phone call, meeting or guidance on what to create for your church, Pro Media Fire may not be the best fit for your church at this time.  For the amazing discounted monthly price from Pro Media Fire, the requirement is digital communications via chat or email.

Pro Media Fire does have its limitations.

First – we are not a full service agency and you must provide art direction, copy and assets for all requests.

Second – we do not work with creative agencies or individuals serving multiple clients.  Our service is designed to serve solely the needs of a church, business, or non-profit.

Here is a short list of the video requests we DO support:

· Event promo videos

· Church commercials

· Message hot spot clips for social

· Social ad videos

· Sermon bumpers

· Sermon series commercials


Here is a short list of the graphic requests we DO support:

· Sermon series graphics

· Video announcements slideshow graphics

· Print or digital brochures

· T-shirt graphics

· Offering envelopes

· Bulletin covers

· Facebook ad graphics

· Instagram graphics

· Google display ads

· Social media posts

· Promotional items

· Outdoor graphics

· Stickers

· Posters

· Event flyers & posters

· Email header graphics

· Facebook cover image

· YouTube cover image

· Blog header graphics

· “Hero” images for your website

· Presentation graphics.

· And many more types of requests.

 If you can explain your request in an email, and it’s not on the video or graphic lists above, we’ll do our best to execute it.

Pro Media Fire does have its limitations. We DO NOT support the following types of video and graphic requests:

· Videos longer than 300 seconds

· Custom animation and motion as per the client’s request. We use animation at our discretion as per the discounted price.

· Filming and content creation for video

· Creating photography for video or design

· Custom score or music track creation

· Complex animation projects beyond general promo videos

· Original logos or branding

· Custom motion graphics

· Complex illustrations

· Original infographics

· Fillable or interactive PDF documents

· Photoshop art or complex photo manipulation

· Large InDesign projects (8 or more pages)

· Large copy-heavy layout projects (8 or more pages)

· Magazine layouts

· 3D / CAD

· HTML / CSS / UI / UX, mobile or app design

· Programming/coding

· Website design

The following file formats are supported and delivered for Pro Media Fire service plans:

  • For our Social Fire Plan, we will deliver in a jpg file format for the requested size in Facebook or Instagram.

  • For our Design Fire Plan, we will deliver in jpg, png, pdf, or eps file formats.

  • For our Video Fire Plan, all videos are delivered as mp4 files. We will deliver the video requested in the size needed for social media platforms or 1080HD (1920x1080). We can not guarantee the size requested unless the photos and video provided for the project are high resolution files. We do not create 4k videos. Additional charges apply for cinematic exports used in movie theatre ads or other file formats.

Pro Media Fire uses the Adobe Creative Suite and other programs that with our skills bring the fire to your media. We do not release source files, but do provide vector files and the formats listed above. We are professionals, there is an art to bringing the creative fire, and we do have trade secrets that are too hot to handle. We know media and we know ministry. Let us save you time, hassle and bring the fire. We will make any changes necessary on your project while a current monthly plan is paid in full.