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Our strategic partnership begins with understanding who you are and the mission of your organization.

Each non-profit is unique in purpose and our team of professionals take the time to discover your story.

Through this process, we craft a strategy to tell your story through creative and digital means.

This strategy becomes the road map for our team of brilliant creatives to design your content to raise awareness of your mission and for our talented digital experts to use the content to expand your reach on social platforms through our Growth Framework. The end result is the mission is amplified by a creative digital team driving growth for fundraising and increased impact through your purpose.

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A Special Message from Carey Nieuwhof

Non-profit Growth Framework

This simple 3-step process works in our modern world, because the framework
identifies the growth pathways that are specific to your non-profit and mission.

1. Core Strategy

The foundation in which all growth is framed is strategy.  Our strategic partnership is a team effort in which we discover your mission, who you want to reach, the DNA of the NGO, and growth goals. Taking into account the high-level vision of leadership and applying it to your current budget, we implement the strategies together to reach more people for your cause.  The strategy drives our design and digital outreach, which leads to growth.

2. Strategic Design

The world is built on design, from our beautiful buildings to the millions of websites online. Good Design calls out who you want to reach in the world and stops the scroll online.  As digital activists, we understand you need to speak the cultural language of those you want to reach.  As your creative and digital team, we help you speak the very language of those you desire to reach through strategic design.  From your print materials to your digital channels we design to maximize reach and growth.

3. Digital Outreach

The first two steps are where most non-profits fail and jump right into digital outreach online with limited results. This is where our team of professionals with decades of experience helping non-profits reach more people, help you grow with a digital-first mindset by laying the proper foundation. With the right strategy and good design, we launch into building mission awareness across all digital channels. Through our 5 D's Digital Engagement Framework we implement your new growth funnel that is working in today's world.

Through a strategic partnership, we can help your NGO break the barriers and see the blind spots that have been holding you back.

You can have a steady stream of new donors and volunteers through a specific focus on telling stories that burn in hearts for your mission.  But there is a catch, it will take work and investment in digital.

You can either do it alone and spend hundreds of thousands trying to figure out the strategy, what good design is for those you want to reach, and what is working today in the ever-changing online world or you can bring on a team of professionals helping organizations around the world accelerate their mission. We would be honored to partner with you and your NGO.  It all starts by booking a consultation.

Each non-profit is unique in purpose and our team of professionals take the time to discover your story. 

Recommended Services


Helping your brand stand out in the crowd of non-profits fundraising is vital.  Professional and brand cohesive design is a key to raising mission awareness.

Social Media Management

Focus on your cause and let our team of professionals handle all of your social media efforts to increase engagement and involvement in the mission.


The art of storytelling is what sets apart great non-profits and takes a team to bring the mission to life from social media to fundraising events.


A good website will tell your story, build trust with donors, touch hearts with the mission you believe in, and increase your fundraising efforts through clear digital next steps.

Helping Those Who Do Good Do More
Helping Those Who Do Good Do More
Helping Those Who Do Good Do More
Helping Those Who Do Good Do More
Helping Those Who Do Good Do More
Helping Those Who Do Good Do More