Helping your organization have
the best giving season ever!

The Great News Campaign is a FREE resource for churches to share Peace, Joy, Love and Hope in the midst of the current global panic

The Giving Tuesday Give back is a FREE resource for non-profits, charitable organizations or any organization that hopes to raise funds during the 2021 giving season.

Financial experts are predicting that Giving Tuesday in 2021 will be the largest in history, with over $3,000,000,000 in monetary donations – yes that is $3 BILLION dollars that is set to be donated to Non-profit organizations. And Pro MediaFire wants to help your organization better the world with Free Digital graphics and videos.

DOWNLOAD your Free Social Media Graphics and Videos below!


ProMediaFire's mission is to HELP THOSE WHO DO GOOD DO MORE – so as a THANK YOU, we are excited to offer Free Graphics & Videos for you to use on your organizations social media channels and emails.

We will do the heavy lifting and will send the downloadable link to your email inbox. All you have to do is download the graphics and videos, add your logo to it, or post the graphic as is to your social media.

Let’s work together to make this Giving Tuesday one that will truly change the world!

As an organization, encourage your people to share the Giving Tuesday posts on social and bring HOPE to the world this Christmas Season.