As a church, you need the most value for your investment, which is why we have multiple plans to suit your individual needs. Choose from individual services, or bundle our Unlimited Graphic Design, Social Graphics, and Video Creation into one easy-to-manage plan.

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Design Fire Plan -$497



Unlimited Print Graphic Design

Unlimited Sermon Series Graphics

Custom Church Graphics

Unlimited Revisions

Church Announcements Slides

Event Promotion Graphics

Actively Working on One Project at a Time

Dedicated Graphics Team

No Contracts

Social Fire Plan -$397

100% Risk Free


Unlimited Social Media Post Designs

Unlimited Facebook Posts

Unlimited Instagram Posts

Unlimited Revisions

Actively Working on One Project at a Time

Dedicated Social Team

No Contracts

Video Fire Plan -$997

100% Risk Free


Unlimited Custom Church Videos

Custom Sermon Bumpers

Church Event Promo Videos

Message Hot Spot Videos

Unlimited Revisions

Actively Working on One Project at a Time

300 Second Max Length Per Video

Dedicated Video Team

No Contracts


You can save the most with our Bundle Special with all 3 of our plans with a full price of $1,891 for one low monthly price $1,297. That is our Unlimited Custom Church Graphic Design, Unlimited Social Graphics, and Unlimited Video Creation all bundled in one plan.

Purchase the Pro Media Fire BUNDLE and SAVE $594 MONTHLY.


Pro Media Specialists

Backed by more than 30 years of combined experienced working for churches and ministries, our passionate team of professionals have produced professional video commercials, social content, and graphic for churches all over the country.

If you’re looking to inspire your following, strengthen your congregation, and spread the word of God through premier content, the Pro Media Fire team provides cloud-based creative services that suit your every need—and all for a monthly flat-rate.


Save the most amount of money and staff time with the Pro Media Fire Bundle Special.

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100% Risk Free

Bundle Special $1,297/mo

VIDEO FIRE PLAN - Unlimited Custom Church Videos

DESIGN FIRE PLAN - Unlimited Custom Graphics

SOCIAL FIRE PLAN - Unlimited Social Graphics

Benefits of All Plans

Unlimited Revisions

Actively Working on 3 Projects at a Time - 1 Per Plan

Dedicated Creative Team - Graphics - Social - Video

No Contracts

Bundle Special $1,297 for All 3 Plans



Click on the question for your answer below.



You have two full weeks to try your fire plan, get your designs and videos back, and love it, otherwise, you can get a 100% refund.

How does this work?

You subscribe for a fixed monthly fee (no contract) and have the ability to have graphic, animation and video jobs as per your plan as long as you are subscribed.

After you sign up, we have an on boarding process that allows us to understand your needs as a church, what you are looking to achieve and how we can best create a solution as per your plan.

From there you send over jobs through our website or Base Camp. We receive your design request and our graphic or video team will generally finish the job in a set number of business days. You’ll get the project completed for review, do a final check, request a revision or give your thumbs up, if you think it is finished.


No. You can cancel at anytime before the end of your billing period. If you don’t cancel before the end of the billing cycle your account will be automatically charged for the next month’s cycle.


For our Social Fire Plan, usually its one business day or less turn around for all social media posts. For our Design Fire Plan, it depends on the degree of your request. A professional poster, brochure or mailer can take 5-7 days. While a sermon graphic would have an average 4 day turn around time. Please keep this in mind that some complicated projects will take more time.

For our Video Fire Plan, usually its a 5 business day turn around for sermon hot spots for social media. Professional event commercials can take up to 14 days depending on the depth of the project, such as animated graphics in conjunction with the project assets.

There is always a balance between speed and a quality result. Our team is always working to get your a professional design with a quick turn around.


That is correct! You have dedicated Pro Media Fire team members as per your monthly plan that you can send as many requests as you want. Now your professional media team is working on only one active project in design, social, or video at a time, but you'll never be limited with how much you can send in. At the completion of one project, they will start another. Keep in mind that each project includes multiple file size outputs included in the turnaround time. For example a sermon series graphic may include half a dozen output file sizes which will all be included in the project. Sometimes our timelines may take longer than your church needs. In that case we recommend additional Pro Media Fire accounts or working with another media service provider to meet your deadlines.


Our professional media team members are currently based in the U.S. We enjoy working with people from around the world, but keep in mind that our office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Central Time. We are closed on all U.S. federal holidays. We are planning to expand a team overseas to serve our global clients in the future.


We are not a full service agency. We require you to provide the copy, art direction and photograph or image (if available) that you want to utilize within a design. Treat us just like you would if you hired a part-time or full time, in-house designer by giving us the art direction so we will fulfil your objective with a professional design or video.


For video commercials you must provide the video clips, images or photos used in the video. We will create animated promo videos but all copy and art direction must be provided. For sermon bumpers we require art direction and footage or access to the church stock video footage account. For sermon hot clips you need to provide the video from your service either from YouTube, Vimeo or send it to us with timeline and transcript of clip. You are responsible to provide the art direction (desired result) as clearly described in your request forms, the copy (written text), and any assets (photos, videos, or access to stock video) used in the video. Tell us what you want and we will provide the creative fire when we make it.


Rush orders are provided on a limited basis, if our team has the time available. You can reach out to us by online chat or during business hours and a rush order quote will be provided depending on the scope of the project.

What if I don’t like a design or video?

One of the best benefits about Pro Media Fire is there are no charges for revisions. Just let us know what you don’t like and we will make the appropriate changes.


Pro Media Fire can handle almost all of your church graphic design, video and social media post needs. We do not do videos beyond 300 seconds, websites, UI/UX design, coding, branding, logos, or complex illustrations.

For more detail go to: See Scope of Work


For our Social Fire Plan, we will deliver in a jpg file format for the reqested size for display on Facebook or Instagram.

For our Design Fire Plan, we will deliver print graphics in jpg, png, pdf, or eps file formats as per size requested.

For our Video Fire Plan, all videos are delivered in full 1080p HD unless a special size is required (for example social media special formats). We do not provide 4k videos. Additional charges apply for cinematic exports used in movie theatre ads or other file formats.

Our skilled Pro Media Fire team uses the Adobe Creative Suite and other programs that bring the creative fire to your media. We do not release source files, but do provide vector files and the formats listed above. We are pros, there is an art to bringing the creative fire, and we do have trade secrets that are to hot to handle. We know media and we know ministry. Let us save you time, hassle and bring the fire. We will make any changes necessary on your project while a current monthly plan is paid in full.

How can I contact Pro Media Fire?

You can chat with us during business hours by clicking the orange circle at the bottom right of your website browser or click on the contact us link at the bottom of the website.

How long does it take to get started?

After you sign up, there is a simple onboarding process that must be completed, which takes 1-2 business days. After onboarding is complete and we know your needs, its time to set your church media on fire!

Design Fire Plan - Unlimited Graphic Design Monthly
497.00 every month

Unlimited Monthly Graphic Design for print such as posters, bulletins, sermon series, brochures, etc. We do not do logos or UI with this plan. 1 active project at a time. Unlimited revisions. Unlimited designs.

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Social Fire Plan - Unlimited Social Media Content Creation Monthly
397.00 every month

Social Fire Plan is Unlimited Social Media Content. This plan includes unlimited social media posts designed for Facebook, Instagram. Animation for static posts are included. Videos are not included and must purchase the Video Fire or Pro Fire plan bundling all 3 plans. 1 active project at a time. Unlimited social media posts each month will be created.

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Video Fire - Unlimited Video Promos Created Monthly
997.00 every month

Video Fire Plan is Unlimited Video Promos creation. Message hot spots, commercials and video promos not to exceed 300 seconds will be created. 1 active project at a time. Unlimited Video Promos Monthly.

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