9 Reasons Custom Church Media Helps Your Congregation

When done right, church media can help you get people’s attention, grow your church, and effectively connect with newcomers. It’s incredibly beneficial to churches of all sizes, and it might be simpler than you think! 


First, What is Custom Church Media?

Church media comprises videos, graphics, photos, flyers, and more. When they are custom, they’re made just for your church! Custom media can help with:

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From the pulpit to your website, it’s beneficial to integrate media into everything your church does. Maybe you’re not convinced. Here are nine reasons why it’s important:


1) Good Design Matters—Even in Church!

Good design isn’t just for big companies and trendy businesses. Good design is for everyone—even churches. You don’t want your church to be stagnant and stuck in the past. And if you don’t incorporate good design in your materials, that’s exactly what will happen. 

Unfortunately, many churches overlook the importance of having unique, high-quality design in their sermons and on their websites. Some churches might think custom media is too flashy for ministry. But design doesn’t have to be flashy. It can be understated. When it’s done right, it will enhance your church’s message.

As technology continues to advance, design becomes an even bigger part of our everyday lives. So, people get used to seeing good design. If organizations like churches don’t adapt to this change, they may suffer, having a hard time reaching more people and increasing membership.

2) Custom Media Makes Your Church Different from Others

How many times have you been on a website when you saw a photo that looked oddly familiar? This probably happened because you were seeing a commonly-used stock image. Although royalty-free photos can be a huge help to amateur designers and startups, they can make established organizations look unprofessional. 

This is true even for churches. Other churches are all using the exact same resources for design. They have the same pictures and graphics, even though there are other options out there. Very few churches are using original media on their website and in their Sunday morning slideshow.

Make your church stand out by using custom design materials that you can guarantee no other church or organization is using! When people are scrolling through their social media feeds, they’ll notice when something unique pops up. If that something unique was posted by your church, they may be intrigued enough to click on it. And who knows? If they like what they see, they might end up in the pews on Sunday morning.



3) Your Church Needs Distinct Branding

Your church branding matters! If you’re just using whatever royalty-free images you can find, your branding will be inconsistent and confusing. Instead, choose custom graphics and more that are specially made for your church.

Custom church media ensures that your branding is consistent. It helps other people know what you as a church stand for. It also differentiates you from other churches. While everyone else’s branding looks highly similar, you’re making sure that your church stands out.

It’s true that most churches have the same core mission: to spread the gospel. But every church goes about its mission in slightly different ways. For example, some churches focus their efforts on helping their local community. Others pour their resources into overseas outreach. Some churches adhere to a more traditional church service with hymns. And, others create a more contemporary atmosphere with modern worship music.

What kind of church are you? Custom church media, church graphics, and custom video is a great way to show people your church’s identity. It helps people decide whether or not your church is the right fit for them.

4) Quality is Better Than Quantity When It Comes to Design

Some churches use quantity to compensate for poor church media. They use several videos as sermon illustrations and saturate their websites with graphics and videos. The problem is if all of these graphics and videos are generic, they might not be sending a great message.

The answer to effective design? Having as many fun pictures and videos as possible. A bunch of boring, generic media is still a bunch of boring, generic media. Just because you have a lot of it doesn’t mean it will end up looking good. 

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to church media. You need videos and graphics that are actually meaningful. You want media that complements your mission, not distracts from it. The answer to your design problems is having high-quality custom church media. 



5) Custom Media Helps You Appeal to the Younger Crowd

Churches are losing the millennials and other younger generations. These age groups think church is boring and out of touch. Young people today are bombarded by so much media online, giving them high standards for design

Unfortunately, young people may get bored when they’re in a church that’s using bland visuals from the early 2000s. It fulfills all the stereotypes they’ve heard about church. But there’s an easy fix to this problem! Use custom church videos and graphics to reach younger generations.

One way to definitely get the attention of younger generations is to focus on your social media. Spice up your content with custom church graphics. If you can get the attention of teens, college students, and other young people online, you can probably get them to try out a Sunday morning service. Custom church media can help you get the attention of even the most skeptical individuals.

Show people that church doesn’t have to be boring. The message is invaluable, and it’s for everyone! Good-quality media may not be the only way to show people church is for them—and it’s certainly not as important as the core message!— but it can help.  

6) Your Website Can Invite Newcomers or Turn Them Away

Many people will be introduced to your church for the first time online. Maybe they just moved to the area and are looking for a permanent church home. Maybe they’re on vacation and would like to visit a local church for a couple of Sundays. Or maybe they are looking to find a new church that’s a better fit than the one they’re currently attending. 

Regardless of their reasoning, their first impression of your church is probably going to be made after a quick internet search. Make sure that whatever they find makes a long-lasting first impression. Your website can be the source of excitement if it creatively integrates custom media. Or you can have a boring, outdated website that people will quickly skip over without a second thought. The choice is yours.

You want your church to be an inviting space. And you certainly don’t think that your church is a boring place to be. You have the greatest news ever and you want to share it with people. Why should the media that tells that story be generic? It shouldn’t be—and it doesn’t have to be!

Make exciting media that entertains and intrigues people from the moment they find your website. Create videos for outreach and graphics to invite people to Sunday’s service on social media. If the media is created well, it can move people and give them hope. They’ll leave your website or social media profiles feeling excited about your church’s mission.



7) Custom Media Helps You Stay Current

When people see that you’re recycling the same old media in your church, they’re going to assume you’re recycling in other areas too. They’ll start to wonder if the pastor is still giving sermons from a decade ago and using materials that are many years old. If this is where your church is right now, it’s time for a refresh

You should be staying current in every area. It can be daunting to newcomers (especially if they’re in the younger generation) to see a church that’s stuck in the past. They’d rather see a church that’s tackling the current areas and giving a platform to new voices.

Show people you’re a church that keeps things fresh by continuously updating graphics and videos! Show people that you’re constantly reevaluating where you’re at as a church. You’re in-touch with what’s going on in the community and around the world.

Design doesn’t have to be complicated to be current. But it does have to show that you care. Fortunately, original design is always current. It’s never boring or generic!

8) Video Helps Get People’s Attention in Church

Using video as part of your church messaging is one of the best ways to keep your design interesting. You can use video to accompany a sermon, tell your church’s story, advertise an upcoming event, document a mission’s trip, and more! Video is a versatile medium that can do so much more than the written word. When words don’t seem to quite capture the depth of a situation, video can help!

Video is one of the most effective methods of storytelling. It combines visual and audio media and can include special effects and music. It appeals to people on so many levels and is one of the greatest ways to keep their attention. When you’re showing a video on the big screen, you won’t have to worry as much about people falling asleep in the pews.

It can be hard to entertain people on a Sunday morning when it’s just one person talking for 30 minutes to an hour. Your church might have handouts, but those won’t excite people the way that videos do. Adding a video to the mix enhances the congregation’s learning experience. It appeals to people who are visual learners and will definitely be a hit with the younger crowd.

When people do their research on any church, they’re going to check out any media you have available online. If you have videos online, this will give people one more thing to check out. Videos will definitely leave a lasting impression on everyone who watches.



9) Custom Media Helps You Connect with People on a Personal Level

When you’re just using royalty-free photos and generic graphics for your church media, your church will look bland and impersonal. You want your media to truly speak to people. But if your media isn’t specially made for your church, how will it ever feel personal? By definition, it’s generic.

Good visuals are more than just aesthetically pleasing. Ineffective design doesn’t communicate to your audience well. It’s hard to connect with a royalty-free photo. There’s no strong messaging, and it’s easy for people to forget your church. When you deviate from the generic, you’re amping up the effectiveness of your messaging. 

Custom church media is memorable. Unlike stock images and generic media, custom church videos and graphics can tell a personal story. They can integrate your church’s unique mission and values. Custom media can even feature members of your own congregation. This kind of clever media could be exactly what makes your message “click” with someone.

Custom church media also speaks volumes beyond just the media itself. By showing that your church is different, you’re also welcoming people to be their authentic selves. Just like you don’t use the same cookie-cutter media that other churches do, you don’t want people to feel like they have to fit a certain mold of what a Christian should be.

The Cost-Effective Solution for Custom Church Media 

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